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Store number

972 - 352 - 6299

Regular Store Hours
Monday - Thursday
10 am - 8 pm
Friday - Saturday
10 am - 9 pm
12 pm - 6 pm

Vinyl buying hours:
Please call for times.

We Buy CD's During All Store Hours

Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl


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Q: Does Forever Young buy and trade CDs, Music DVDs, and cassette tapes?
A: Yes. The times to bring these items in the store are during any business hours except during the first half hour and during the last half hour of the day. We must have the time and the cash to take care of buys for the items you would want to sell. A half hour is usually enough for both. If you have a high volume collection to sell please come during weekdays after 12 noon and before 8pm. You may not leave the items you are selling and come back later to pick them up unless authorized by the manager or employee on duty.

Q: Does Forever Young buy records or collectible memorabilia?
A: Vinyl buying hours are:
Monday 10am-1pm
Wednesday 10am-1pm
Friday 10am-1pm

We do not buy Autographs on a regular basis. That is not our business and isn't easy to verify the authenticity. If you do have an autograph you want to try to sell then bring the best proof of authenticity you have and we will evaluate whether that is enough for us to buy or not. We are not usually interested in classical albums or Readers Digest collections.

Q: Does Forever Young have an online store?
A: Yes - you're looking at it!

Q: Do you ship items in the USA and or overseas?
A: Yes. We will ship any items in stock around the globe. Shipping & Handling fees apply and are determined by item, weight, and destination.

Q: How do I place a mail order item?
A: We prefer to process all mail order by phone using a credit card (Visa/Mastercard only). This will guarantee your item. If you wish to send a payment to us through the mail then let the person filling out the mail order form know this. Personal check and US Postal money orders are accepted.

Mail Order Payments would go to To:
Forever Young Records
P.O. Box 535005
Grand Prairie, Texas 75053

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